We Move Mountains

Sydvaranger Gruve AS was established in 2007 to rehabilitate the mining, railroad and manufacturing plants and start production of high-grade iron ore concentrate.

Following the refurbishment of the mine and processing infrastructure, the operations recommenced production of iron ore concentrate in October 2009.


2015-06-30Trading Halt - Northern Iron Ltd

Northern Iron has requested a trading halt pending an announcement regarding the outcome of discussions currently underway with financiers and the largest customer of the Company’s wholly-owned Norw

2015-05-29NFE General Meeting

NFE Annual General Meeting was held 27 May 2015, here is the presentation for the meeting. NFE Annual General Meeting 27 May 2015 

2014-09-16Focus on work environment

On 9’th -10’th of September Northern Iron and Sydvaranger Gruve held board meetings. On the agenda was the new Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSQE) policy. The policy had been reviewed